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Unlike previous stops on the Burgerthon, Ad Lib is not part of the cities burger craze. Having opened its doors to Glasgow in 1976, they've been serving some great food and more importantly, BURGERS for the last 40 years.
I've visited a few times and each time I go my dad always tells me, "that was the original burger joint in town, you know?". So I had high hopes going into instalment six.
The Glasgow Burgerthon - Ad Lib | Wasted Little PJ Scottish Male Lifestyle Blog

With two locations, we opted to visit the one in the merchant city at 33 Ingram Street (the other is more central at 111 Hope street!). It was a horrible and wet bank holiday Monday, so after a quick look around the shops, we rushed along for some warmth and some grub!
Neither of us had visited this particular Ad Lib before and were taken pleasantly surprised by the set up, with it looking more like  a bar/restaurant than it did a burger joint. Seated at the far side in the booths along the wall, we had a great bit to look around and take in the atmosphere. 
The Glasgow Burgerthon - Ad Lib | Wasted Little PJ Scottish Male Lifestyle Blog
The Glasgow Burgerthon - Ad Lib | Wasted Little PJ Scottish Male Lifestyle Blog
The Glasgow Burgerthon - Ad Lib | Wasted Little PJ Scottish Male Lifestyle Blog
He had: Southern fried chicken popcorn with a smokey BBQ mayo, Angus beef burger with smoked cheddar, bacon and peppercorn sauce, fries.
She had: Chicken Chilli nachos, Angus beef burger with smoked cheddar, fries.
Both the starters were great. The nachos had the perfect balance of spice and cheesiness, which is always a bonus in our books. The popcorn chicken was crispy on the outside but soft and tender on the inside. Charlotte preferred the BBQ mayo but I LOVED the Ad Lib Sailor Jerry sauce (my favourite rum AND BBQ sauce - a serious winner there Ad Lib!).

We both enjoyed our burgers, with them being a good bit juicer from previous stops so this definitely worked in Ad Libs favour. We did agree that the burgers were pretty pink in the middle, which we would have liked to have known in advance if they're going to be cooked that way. Charlotte likes a pink burger but I would have wanted mines cooked a bit more but after getting 3/4 of the way through it i was a bit put off by how it ended up in the middle. This hadn't been the case in my previous visits so it would be something I'd keep an eye on during future visits if you don't like your burger to be too pink! They were, however, still very tasty and we did love the meal as a whole so we would definitely be returning again! What was a great bonus and gave us really good value for money is Ad Libs Lunch menu that's available Monday to Friday 12 - 4. We had no idea it was on, but we managed to get our burgers with fries for £6.95 (toppings £1.50 extra). 

He thought: Quality of burger 3 , Variety available 4, Atmosphere & service 4, Value for money 4
She thought: Quality of burger 3.5 , Variety available 3, Atmosphere & service 4, Value for money 3
Overall: 28.5 out of a possible 40
Have you visited Ad Lib before? Let me know what your experiences or favourite burgers below!

Wasted Little PJ. 

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