The Shaw Academys Diploma in Digital Marketing Review


If you read my post The Next Storm about my 12 months goals, you'd have read that over the past 2 months I was completing the Shaw Academy's Diploma in Digital Marketing. It was a really interesting course, even if it was pretty basic at some points, but it's definitely taught me some stuff I hope to use not only for my career but also for Wasted Little PJ. If you've seen it advertised and considered it, or even want to do something to heighten your Digital Marketing knowledge read on for a bit more of an insight into what the course offers!
Shaw Academy - Diploma in Digital Marketing | Wasted Little PJ Scottish Male Lifestyle Blog

The course runs over 4 weeks with  2x 1-hour seminars per week covering different areas in digital marketing. It's a foundation level course but if you choose to you can go on to do the advanced course, but I'll come back to this later. After every few lessons, there's a short assignment of multiple choice questions to track your progress and make sure you're taking all the information in. Over the course of the 4 weeks, you will cover the following areas: 
Lesson 1: Online Fundamentals - The Start of Your Success
Lesson 2: Target Audience - Who is Your Customer
Lesson 3: Google PPC & SEO - Acquiring the right Leads for less
Lesson 4: Affiliate Marketing - Developing Strategic Partnerships Online
Lesson 5: Facebook - Targeted Advertising for Lead Generation
Lesson 6: Sales Funnel - Nurturing Your Leads
Lesson 7: Data Driven Marketing and Sales - Maximum Return
Lesson 8: Strategy – Retention and Recurring Revenue
Each lesson is taken Richard Hegarty, who was extremely friendly and knowledgeable and made returning for the next lesson something to look forward to rather than a chore. There's also a great support team who work tirelessly during and after the classes to make sure any problems are queried are answered. 
Due to my work schedule, I wasn't always able to make the live lessons, however, within a couple of hours after them finishing they are saved online for you to catch up on. Towards the end of the course, this was perfect for me as my shifts at work changed and I had both Monday and Tuesday to catch up on anything I'd missed and didn't fall behind too much! 

I managed to get a deal through Groupon which meant I got this incredible course for free, so I'd keep an eye out for any similar offers in the future if you're interested in their courses! I've since signed up for a lifetime membership for the Shaw Academy for only £85 per month for 6 months which gives access to loads more courses to improve personal and professional development much more. I've only just finished one course but I'm already scheduled in for the Advanced Digital Marketing course and courses for photoshop, blogging & content marketing, as well as one for web design!
Shaw Academy - Diploma in Digital Marketing | Wasted Little PJ Scottish Male Lifestyle Blog

I've enjoyed my first course and look forward to starting more with them in the future. Another resource you should check it is Googles Digital Garage.

Have you done any courses you'd recommend? Let me know below!

Wasted Little PJ

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