5 Reasons to visit Paesano


One of the main reasons I started this blog was so I could write about my favourite food places in Glasgow, and have a justified reason to do so! If you like pizza (let's be honest, who doesn't?), and stay in Glasgow you’ll have heard of Paesano, and their incredible pizzas. 
They opened up at the tail end of 2015 and have been off to a flyer ever since. Glasgow is not short of Italian or pizza places these days, but these are the 5 reasons why I think Paesano is one of the best, and why you need to visit. Now.5 Reasons to visit Paesano | Wasted Little PJ Scottish Male Lifestyle Blog

The Menu

The menu isn't massive, but what they do covers all the right bases, meeting the needs of vegetarian and vegan pizza goers. As well as their normal menu, which in my eyes is great, they also have a special menu that changes regularly and always has some absolute belters on it.  If you've not already read her post, Charlotte's favourite from this is the Chorizo and Nduja, and I can certainly understand why! You can also add any of the toppings from both menus that meet your fancy from just £0.50.

The quality

Obviously. Why eat out and visit the same place if the quality is standard? Paesano doesn't do standard. They use a traditional wood fired oven, which packs a great taste into their pizzas and keeps you returning for more. They’re not the tidiest and easiest of pizzas to eat, so be prepared for a bit of a mess, but trust me on this one - they’re worth it.
5 Reasons to visit Paesano | Wasted Little PJ Scottish Male Lifestyle Blog
5 Reasons to visit Paesano | Wasted Little PJ Scottish Male Lifestyle Blog

The Price

I finished the last point saying Paesano is worth the mess. Factoring in the cost of their pizzas it’s definitely worth it. Their pizzas generally range from £5-£8, and a wee bit more for their specials. So you can easily grab a great pizza and a drink for 2, for under 25 quid!

The Location

Located at 94 Miller Street, it’s a short walk from George Square, Merchant City, and Argyle Street. It looks pretty small from the outside, but after getting through, the place opens up and greeted by the hustle and bustle. It suits any occasion for a quick bite between shops, a date with your other have or a catch up with friends after work. Paesano suits all. 

The service and the staff

For somewhere that’s always so busy and packed, the staff are always friendly and give you a bit of chat each time they come round. You may have a short wait for your table while other people finish up and clear out, but I've never waited more than 10 minutes for a table and the staff does their very best to fit you in where they can. 
5 Reasons to visit Paesano | Wasted Little PJ Scottish Male Lifestyle Blog
You’ve read about it. Seen the pictures. Now go get it. Find them at 94 Miller street. You can also go and salivate over their pizzas more on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram here.

Have you been before? What do you think of Paesano!?
Wasted Little PJ.

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