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As someone who considers myself to be quite active and likes to go out a lot, I really spend an awful lot of time in my room and in my bed. As I talked about in my last post, I've recently moved to Leicester for a new job and have had to find myself a new room! I've not quite moved in yet (although I do this weekend) and I've already started planning how to make my new rented room feel a bit more like home! Here are my top 5 essentials I need for my room.

New Room Essentials | Wasted Little PJ Scottish Male Lifestyle Blog


Although I do love vinyl (which I'll get to!), I still play a lot of music through my phone or my iPod and NEED some good speakers for this. I tend to make playlists or put my favourite bands on shuffle on Spotify and I've always had speakers that I've had to play through an aux cable or a docking station, but I'm now looking at getting some Bluetooth ones to make my life a wee bit easier. I've recently had my eye on Panasonic CD Speakers which gives you the flexibility to play from any source (wireless, wired, radio and CD). As well as allowing to connect to other speakers via the Panasonic Music Streaming app to play around the house, you can also rip and store up to 4GB of music from CDs which is ideal if you still have a collection. You can find out some more about the spec of the speakers here!
New Room Essentials | Wasted Little PJ Scottish Male Lifestyle Blog

Record Player & Records

Despite having my iPod or phone on me for music every day, I can't help but love the feel and sound of vinyl. I've still to work out the logistics of getting my record player & records from Glasgow to Leicester, I can't wait to have this on display in my room. I've got the Crosley Cruiser in black and red which Charlotte's mum and dad got me got me for my 21st and I absolutely love it! Having this on in the background while I'm doing anything definitely gets me through. If I'm tidying my room, playing the PlayStation, just relaxing or even getting ready for a night out, having one of my favourite records on always puts me in a good mood which is why this will always have to feature in my room.
New Room Essentials | Wasted Little PJ Scottish Male Lifestyle Blog


This one's pretty dull, but I'm not going to lie - I do love some good bedding. Whether I'm having a lazy DVD day or I'm staying in bed all day due to a hangover, bedding can make or break the day. Since I had my room redecorated about 8 years ago I've always liked a grey, black and white colour scheme for my room. I've recently had a big trip to Primark to get my own sheets and covers so that from day one I've made my mark on my new home.


I think this one explains itself. A great way to kill some time or dive into a new game. For as long as I can remember in my house there was always some form of games console and then it eventually moved into my room. This as already been moved down with me! Wrapped in bubble wrap, placed in between thick jumpers and then put in a hard case I wasn't going to have any accidents with this! Once I've moved in and sorted out a TV I'll be able to game, stream and watch DVDs to my heart's content.

The Small things

I think you can take all the big things you want, but it's always the small bits and pieces that remind you of home and make your room feel a wee bit more special. I'm going to need to steal some of the Polaroids Colours & Carousels has snapped over the years, but as a starting point, she got me some amazing Star Wars prints as a going away present! What makes them extra special is that they're made by Neil Slorance who is also from Glasgow and will remind me of home that wee bit more! You can check out all of his work over on his website
New Room Essentials | Wasted Little PJ Scottish Male Lifestyle Blog

What are your room essentials? Let me know below!

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