The Next Storm Revisited


Guess who's back, back again.
Yup. I've been MIA for 2 months and written absolutely no blog posts. Each week I'd tell myself I'd get back into it next week but then something else would come up and before I knew it we were in 2017. 2016 absolutely flew by, and with it being a new year, I thought it would be a good time to revisit one of my first posts The Next Storm (shameless plug) about my goals for 2016.
I've had some really exciting changes since November so let's get to them!

The Next Storm revisited - Looking back at my 2016 goals | Wasted Little PJ Scottish Male Lifestyle Blog

Get a job I love

This was the main goal I had set myself after graduating in July. I've always had some type of job since I was 15 and in 4th year of high school so after graduating I thought it was time to move away from part time work in industries I didn't really see myself getting a career in. It was a long and tedious journey of constantly getting told I was under, or on some occasions, over qualified for jobs I thought I'd be really good at. HOWEVER(!!) In November I got a really good opportunity to go down and visit a company based in Leicester who was having a really big push in their digital marketing and social media work towards the end of the year. After a 2 day visit, I came home feeling a bit more motivated and a few days later they phone and offered me a job as a Digital Content Assistant! It's a really big step moving away from Glasgow but it's something I can't wait to start, and although I've not started the job yet, I think that it will be one I love and will be able to build my career in!

Digital Marketing qualification or courses

This definitely helped find the above job, and although I didn't keep this up as much as I would like, it did begin to wilt when I didn't think I was getting anywhere with by job search. I completed Googles Digital Garage and the first step in the Shaw Academy Diploma in Digital Marketing but after initially signing up for the next stage and paying for it I didn't think it was worth the money I would eventually pay out for it. If any more of their free courses came up I'd recommend signing up to them but really consider if courses you need to pay for will be worth it for you!

Maintain my blog

I think we can all see how this one worked out. I was doing quite well for a while but as I took on a second job part time (on top of already working 35 hours a week) I had to get time away from screens and unfortunately this was the first part to go. But now that I'll be getting into more of a regular and consistent routine I'm hoping 2017 will be the year to really get into it and grow it more!

There was one other goal from my original post about a health kick but given it's been the festive period very recently the less I say about this one the better. We'll just leave it with "I'm working on it".

Overall despite a small dip in my motivation and blog activity, it was a pretty good end to the year and I'm looking forward to the new challenge 2017 brings me in my move down south!
Hopefully you'll hear from me again ALOT sooner next time. Until then, hope you all have a great start to the new year!

Wasted Little PJ.

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