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Working in marketing and for a retail company means I've pretty much been thinking about Christmas since July... Despite the hours of effort and work on Christmas campaigns and the likes, it's really only now that I've started to get into the Christmas spirit and starting to look forward to the big event *cough cough Christmas dinner*.

Looking for presents for so many different people like brothers, sisters, mums, dads, partners friends, etc etc can be a bit difficult, especially when there is ALWAYS that one person you have no idea what to get them. Even though you love them and you're close to the there is no doubt that - These. People. Are. A. Nightmare. It can take what is meant to be an enjoyable experience into the annual stress purchase at the last minute.

To make things a bit easier, I've listed some items from EMP that I think could be the perfect surprise for someone who may be not so perfect to buy for!

Star Wars House Coat: I don't want to get into the house Coat v dressing gown v bath robe argument here but look at these! It's become a bit of a tradition in my family now to get some form of pyjamas or nightwear at Christmas time and, really, who wouldn't want to wake up slightly hungover on boxing day and feel like a Jedi? 
Jedi --- R2D2

Game of Thrones: Sorry to mention it. I know we're all in pain waiting for Season 8.... With loads of bits that could be the main presentation or a stocking filler/secret Santa, there's sure to be something for the GoT fan.
Jumper --- Map --- Throne --- Egg
Harry Potter Time Turner: Not going to lie, I saw this and thought it would be great for when Colours & Carousel and me get a place together. Although not everyone knows what it was if they saw it sitting on your shelf, it would definitely look pretty cool!

Deadpool Bobble-Head: For every big film or TV series there is now there always seems to be these bobble-heads! I know some people collect them so it would definitely be a good addition to anyone's collection or even as a standalone for someone that just loves Deadpool.

Aristrocats: Colours & Carousel would kill me if I didn't give Marie any airtime after pointing out their collection to her. Charlotte absolutely loves the Aristocats, specifically Marie, so any Christmas cat or Marie related is the advice I give to my family. I generally know what big present I'd be getting Charlotte but I tend to struggle with small things! Charlotte, if you're reading this, don't be surprised....

They have so much more on their website so if you're looking for something that's a bit different this yeat check them out and see what you can find!

*This post contains a sponsored link, but all words and opinions are my own.

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